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I aim to make this website a good resource for everybody interested in the art of authentic vintage hair styles and beauty. It would be a great shame to see such art of beauty/hairstyling getting lost with time. This site mainly deals with the Old Hollywood Years of 20s, 30s, 50s and 60s, as these were the most fabulously glamorous eras, when women were always feminine, classy and stylish.

Those days of glamour are long gone from the mainstream. As women lead busier working lives the “ natural look” rather than the made up look is often preferred and most women don't find much time to set their hair. I believe a lot of the beauty and hairstyles from those eras can be adapted for any modern women who is willing to learn and spend time practising. And I think we can all find some time to put on a red lipstick!

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Take a look at our online shop. We know vintage hairstyles are not easy to do, so we have hairstyling tools to make vintage hairstyling easier. We also have rare vintage beauty books too. New items will be updated regularly.

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